Richard Spencer’s speech taught me what it’s like to be a bigoted moron

The IQ for those within 20 miles dropped significantly

On October 19, 2017, white nationalist Richard Spencer set foot on the University of Florida to give a speech at the Philips Center. The university had been dreading his arrival for a while now. I’ve been dreading his arrival, too. The last thing I’d like to see on my campus is one of the extras from Deliverance.

Students had given a mixed reaction about his presence. Some wanted him off our campus despite what our Bill of Rights guarantees. Others said to let him speak and ignore him, because he is looking for a response. Then, there were those who said that by letting him speak, we could learn from him.

Watching his so-called speech, I have learned so much– the most important lesson being how to be an in-bred, Grade-A moron.

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First of all, Mr. Spencer should redefine his idea of a speech, because according to any dictionary, a speech is the expression of thoughts in spoken words. So far, from what I’ve heard, Richard Spencer’s “speech” more closely resembles my fights with my younger brother: a lot of whining, name-calling and yelling. He knows very well that his presence here pisses off a lot of people, and he continues to piss them off by directly addressing them and name-calling them. He’s looking for a reaction, and the funniest part is that he thinks he is so clever. I hate to break it to you Dick Spencer, but my brother and I learned to play that game when we were 5 and 8 years-old.

Secondly, Mr. Spencer, despite all of his higher education, does not seem to own a dictionary. When the protestors began chanting “Go Gators,” he openly called it “Sports-ball.” I’m so glad that Spencer’s BA in English Literature and Music, MA in Humanities and a Ph.D in modern European intellectual history have made him feel qualified enough to embarrass himself nationally saying things as stupid as “Sports-ball.” I’m also quite glad that after saying something so obscenely dumb that he feels confident enough to proclaim that he is a “dissident intellectual.” Hate to break it you, Spencer, but the jury is out on that whole intellectual title.

Third, Mr. Spencer’s sad attempt at a Q and A was absolutely pathetic. Last I checked, Q and A stood for question and answer not question and attack or question and accuse. A question was asked and Spencer’s idea of an answer was verbally attacking and accusing the protestors once again.

Richard Spencer even responded with a question, “Are you afraid you might hear something you’re not ready for?”

He spent 10 minutes up on that stage blaming our government for America’s current state, blaming the left for America’s current state. He was playing the blame-game like it was nobody’s business, and he then had the gall to follow it up with this, “Life doesn’t work that way that you can self-righteously say it’s your fault.”

Look, Spencer, I get that your head is so far up your ass that it makes hearing people difficult and it definitely doesn’t help that you’re most likely the product of deep in-breeding, but surely you can hear how stupid you sound. The only thing to be learned from Richard Spencer is how to act like an anti-semitic, racist, self-righteous man-child. I’d like to thank the National Policy Institute for teaching me and the nation what no human being should aspire to be.

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