Dennis is throwing a hurricane party

He’s promoting it on the corner of University Avenue, across the street from UF.

In the midst of hurricane preparation, Dennis H. Kane (A.K.A. Peace Guy) has no plans yet for shelter, except for starting a party to ride out the hurricane. I guess he's not so different from us than we thought.

He has been seen holding a sign on University Avenue and 13th Street that reads, "Sunday Night The Irma Sexy Peace Crazy Love Ride That Bitch Out Party Will Blow U Away!!!"

For now there are no solid details, however, he told The Tab that he just wants to do it start up style. "I have the money to actually get people here," Dennis said.

Chase Law, a freshman at UF, took photos to raise awareness on social media and help him make it happen.

"I thought Dennis was some crazy political speaker at first, but my roommate has actually talked to him and told me his story," Chase said. "Now I catch up with him whenever I see him. We've had Chipotle together and he's legitimately intelligent and cool."

Here's Chase, Dennis and another student of 13th Street and University Ave.

Here's Chase, Dennis and another student of 13th Street and University Ave.

Recently, Dennis has been speaking outside of UF property because of his latest ban from campus. Aside from some upset business owners and civilians calling the police on him, he's had no problems. "It's always a friendly bike cop that comes and lets me know," he said.

Regardless of whether this event interests you (we'll pray for you) or just seems like another one of Dennis' spiels, we can only wish you the best when you "ride that bitch out".

Can't find water? Try fruit and alcohol as alternatives.

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