How to beat the water shortage with fruits and alcohol

Can’t find cheap water? Get beer and watermelons.

If you walk up 13th Street you'll see a couple of people walking with heavy bags in both arms full of water bottles and snacks. All over Florida, water is in high demand and short supply.

The POD at Rawlings is out of packs of water.

So is CVS.

There's a crowd surrounding the water isle at Publix that's vaguely apocalyptic. The list goes on.

Despite this, there are some easy ways to stock up on clean water before Hurricane Irma comes without getting price gouged for single bottles.

Buy cheap beer instead. Beer contains a lot of water that's already purified from the brewing process. We all know you don't drink water ANYWAYS.

Watermelons and cucumbers. Water makes up 91 percent of watermelons and 95 percent of cucumbers along with several vitamins that you can eat readily. Fruit salad, yummy yummy?

If you're against those options, you can always clean empty soda bottles and milk jugs and fill them with filtered water from the tap. If you ever doubt your tap water, boiling it will clean it.

Whether you're a vegan or a host to a hurricane party, fruits and alcohol can serve as solid alternatives to this water shortage.

For more information on how you can prepare for Hurricane Irma, you can visit here.

University of Florida: UF