Library West has become the ultimate living quarters

You can even exercise on a study cycle

Lib West has really glo’d up this year

New Mac computers, Starbucks renovations, a Gator statue on the third floor, study rooms with screens that you can connect to wirelessly– even the Plaza of the Americas was upgraded with thoughtful landscaping.

The most recent update to Club West?

The study cycles

It’s like someone looked at how comfortable Newell Hall was and thought, The last thing we need is another excuse to skip walking over to Student Rec and getting exercise. In fact, why not save them even more time, and just bring the gym to them? 

You can work your arms out too.

Library West is slowly becoming a fully stocked living quarters. You can grab all meals from Starbucks, sleep in the cubicles because it never closes (not during the summer because it’s only open from 8am-11pm from Monday to Thursday, 8am to 9pm on Fridays, 10am to 6pm on Saturday, and 10am to 11pm on Sunday),  exercise on the bike, and there’s always room for your friends—all it needs now are showers and beds. Library West will continue to reign as the campus wide procrastination center.

In all seriousness, study cycles might help students be more productive since they offer a convenient way to burn off stress during a study break. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more pop up around campus.

The study cycle is on the second floor of Library West with a view of the Plaza of the Americas.

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