UF Students Rank 8th for hours spent studying for finals

FSU students study for less than 6.6 hours a day

A recent study conducted by The Tab surveyed over 3,000 students who reported their study habits. The survey found that on average UF students spend 10.5 hours a day studying during finals week.

Overall, UF is ranked eighth on the list behind other Big 10 schools like Syracuse, Princeton, Tulane, Bucknell, Brown, Drexel, and Cornell.

Syracuse took the top spot with 13 hours a day, just 2.5 more than the average UF student. West Virginia came in last with 3.8 hours. It’s safe to say Gators work harder than most students in the US.

Even our biggest rivals, FSU, study less than us at 6.6 hours a day for finals. This finals week should be interesting because on top of Library West and Marston, we have the newly opened Newell Hall Learning Commons.  

Study hard Gators and spend at least 2.5 hours thanking the powers that be we’re not at Syracuse.

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