We spoke to the incoming UF freshman who made a hilarious video looking for a roommate

No, he still hasn’t found a roommate

University of Florida incoming freshman Matthew Schneider has already started making his mark on campus without even being here yet. As a result of monotonous roommate search posts on the university class pages, Matt made a video to stand out — it’s so hilarious it already has over 900 likes and countless shares on Facebook.

In the video, Matt uses sarcasm to talk about his “interests” in what is almost a parody of roommate searching as a whole. He does things like cook up Goldfish crackers on his grill for dinner, and showcases spending his Friday nights watching The Bee Movie. He even turns off and on his light excessively to poke fun at the prospect of having an odd roommate.

Matt is a business major from Coral Springs, Florida. He told The Tab UF he’s made videos like this in the past, but apparently this is the first one that’s been funny.

Matt playing in his band, Natsuki.

If you haven’t already, watch Matt’s video below.

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