LIVE UPDATES: ‘Please don’t have babies out of wedlock’: Ben Shapiro speaks at UF

Protesters are holding signs saying ‘Shut down homophobia’

Students are protesting at the University Auditorium where Ben Shapiro is set to speak at 7pm. The event is being held by ACCENT and co-hosted by Young Americans for Freedom.

Ben Shapiro is a conservative political commentator and former editor-at-large of Breitbart.

Protestors with a rainbow colored sign reading “Dare me to convert”

Protesters are holding signs which say “Shut down homophobia,” “Sisterhood is powerful,” “ACCENT shame on you,” and “My body my choice.”

In response to someone’s holding up a sign that says “Free Palestine,” a student said, “Well, Israel will just carpet bomb you so.”

People are also chanting “USA.”

Counter-protesters and Ben Shapiro supporters have joined and are holding up signs which say “Snowflakes melt in the swamp” and “Shapiro the conservative hero!”


Before Shapiro came on stage the leader of ACCENT made an announcement telling the audience to be respectful or they would be removed from the auditorium.

As soon as Shapiro entered the stage he Gator Chomped then “Tebowed” and said, “Thank you for coming out despite the idiots protesting outside, there are fifteen people out there with a combined IQ of 43”.


Some of Shapiro’s quotes include White privilege doesn’t exist & that the way America works is that you can get to the top by ‘working hard’.”  As well as asking people to “Please, don’t have babies out of wedlock.”  Shapiro also says that the wage gap doesn’t exist.


More to follow.

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