Update: Jack Massey’s family hit their GoFundMe goal

In one week 204 friends and family came together to help the Massey’s raise over $25,000

Today, the Massey’s can breathe a sigh a relief after breaking their $25k goal on GoFundMe for their son hospital expenses.

Massey holding a gift from the students at his Church. Picture from GoFundMe page.

Two weeks ago, Jack Massey’s life changed after a pool accident paralyzed him from the chest down

He was sent immediately to SHANDS at UF then transferred to Shepherds Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta on March 24th. That same day Julie Massey began a GoFundMe campaign for the expenses their insurance didn’t cover and within 3 days they raised $17,955. Jack Massey still has a lot of physical therapy ahead of him, but he’s already had surgery and regained some control of his arms.

X-ray of Massey’s injury before surgery. Picture from GoFundMe page.

X-ray of Massey’s neck after surgery. Picture from GoFundMe page.

To keep up with Jack’s progress check out his GoFundMe page here.

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