Fat Daddy’s was voted America’s best trash bar

Why wouldn’t it be with those slushies?

If you’re a Gator you’ve been to Fat’s

The Tab asked, and the people spoke. Our glorious bar that we love to hate has officially ranked as the best trash bar in America.  With over 2,600 votes to back it up, you can now rest at ease knowing you’re not the only one who secretly loves the dankness that is Fat Daddy’s, because we are right there with you.

Whether it’s the slushies that draw you in, ladies night, or whatever else, thank you midtown, for giving us this gem.

We even beat out the trashiest place we know, Pot’s at FSU, because you know what, Gator’s always do it better.

When we want trash, we go for it.

Whether you’ve attempted to get in using your fake, or you’re 23 and still in Gainesville questioning if you were ever as stupid as these babies, give yourself a pat on the back.

This is how the rest of the top ten stacked up:

#1 Fat Daddy’s at University of Florida

#2 The Pickle at UW-Eau Claire

#3 Midway at Ohio State

#4 Pot’s at Florida State

#5 Red Shed at UW-Madison

#6 Nephews at Texas State

#7 Nickle at UConn

#8 The Boot at Tulane

#9 The Phyrst at Penn State

#10 The Union Bar at Iowa

We got our W, and rightfully so

University of Florida: UF