Man wearing Swastika claims it was a “social experiment”

Dewitz was first spotted on campus two days ago and returned to Turlington today

The man with the Swastika seen in Turlington Plaza Tuesday, identified as Michael Dewitz, has allegedly stated that wearing it was a social experiment meant to start conversation. He returned to campus and stood near the Turlington Potato. His presence soon drew a crowd of angry students and protestors. 

If prompting discussion was his intention, he definitely as his expression of speech has caused an outcry among UF students.

Others believe that protesting back is counterproductive:


Students chanted variations of, “no more Nazi,” “fuck off Nazi scum,” and held up anti-swastika flyers, and even called Dewitz a “Nazi coward.”

Police officers and grief counselors were reportedly called to the scene.

Despite the fact it was a “social experiment,” Dewitz has stated that he supports the Nazi party’s efforts to combat communism and questions if the Holocaust actually occurred.

Several organizations have stood in solidarity with the Jewish community at this time. A liberation rally will be held tomorrow.


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