A UF couple got engaged at Balls

Giving ‘we found love in a hopeless place’ a whole new meaning

Balls is a Midtown staple. Known for being a cramped space with unbeatable drink deals, it’s home to many fond memories and questionable decisions of UF students — like telling the woman you love you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

On December 17th, a UF couple got engaged right at Balls. In a Facebook video posted by a bystander, Madison Holmes, it seems as if it was a surprise in the middle of a post-graduation celebration.

While most couples probably want the start of ~the rest of their lives together~ to be some place special, who’s to say Balls isn’t? Balls is a place to celebrate, and even make, milestones. Don’t stop at graduation, go for a proposal too– at least, that’s what this couple did.

Sure, it’s a little gross (and I use ‘gross’ in a very affectionate way that can only be used for college bars that you hate to love), but Balls has character and so does this couple for getting engaged there.

Hey, for better or worse, right?

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