Chad Johnson smoked a cigar on campus, played FIFA

Sounds like a legit low key kick back


Chad Johnson: former NFL wide receiver, self-proclaimed FIFA King, UF guest lecturer, honorary frat daddy.

Johnson ignored UF’s tobacco-free campus policy, so today’s sports media class was “lit,” according to Professor Ted Spiker’s Twitter, and so was Ochocinco’s cigar.

But was Ochocinco really on a college campus if he didn’t challenge anyone to FIFA?

After treating a class of 250 to lunch at Swamp, Ochocinco stuck around to “hand out a few Ls,” yet again.

Last year, he took down Tau Epsilon Phi, beating the entire frat house in the game. This time, he decided to challenge the brothers of Pi Lambda Phi– though Ochocinco took a few Ls himself.

Jovani Pastrana, brother of Pi Lam said,
“Ocho came into our Sports Media & Society class and then took the entire class to lunch and then I invited him to play FIFA with me at an off campus PiLam house. I’ve been to his house in Davie, FL multiple times to play FIFA in the past and last time I was there I beat him so I asked him for a rematch today which is how I got him to come to the off campus house.”
Sounds like Jovani and Chad have had quite a few straight chill seshes.

And even though Pi Lam robbed him of his title as undefeated FIFA King, Ochocinco still goes down as one of UF’s most legendary guest lecturers.

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