Rory Gilmore is just a hapless millennial like the rest of us

It’ll all be OK, girl

The eve of the Gilmore Girls revival is upon us

For seven seasons, we watched Rory Gilmore, angelic genius, waltz her way through her coming-of-age years. We kind of wanted to be Rory Gilmore — she dgaf about social pressures or other people’s opinions, and she¬†achieved practically all of her goals with unprecedented grace and ease.

Seriously, she got into a renowned prep school, had three boyfriends that treated her like a queen, impressed professors, secured internships, graduated from Yale and low-key hopped onto the Obama campaign trail before he even became the bae he is today. Who is that lucky?

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Well, we thought Rory Gilmore was that lucky

But in one of the trailers Rory confessed, “I have no job. I have no credit. I have no underwear.” These phrases brought us to tears. Here’s why: it’s been brought to our attention that Rory is a human being, not a supernatural fairy, and she might be just as millennial as the rest of us. Holy shit, I know. This is horrifying. After all, if even Rory Gilmore is struggling with adulting, what hope is there for the rest of us?

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Let’s dissect her millennial status

No job? Ok, she could be between jobs. No credit? Fuck, establishing credit literally takes one year of having your own bank account. No underwear? Let Rory do Rory, this one’s fine.

In the trailer, Emily asks Lorelai, “You’re OK with this vagabond existence she’s leading?” To be fair, it may not be as bad as it seems, right? Some of us are just wanderers. Okay, a lot of us millennials are wanderers.

But this is interesting, because Rory was never the most relatable character. Let’s face it, she was portrayed as a level of perfect that is nearly impossible to reach. And now, she may be about to become a millennial mascot.

Us millennials get a lot of shit for not always knowing what we want. The epitome of “millennial” is knowing that we’re capable but not having the generation above understand this. The epitome of millennial is also probably twinkly lights as decor, but the generational rift is a bigger deal.

Whether Rory admitting that she’s feeling “very lost these days” is a good thing or a bad thing, I do not know. We all wanted Rory to be better than us, so the notion of her being screwed is scary to say the least.

Still, Rory is a fast-talking, reference-packed babe, and something tells us that she will make it. I mean, come on, she has to.

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