Donald Trump now only has a 10 percent chance of winning

According to the New York Times

Hillary Clinton has a 90 percent chance of winning the presidency, according to The New York Times.

Using data on the likelihood of her winning key states like Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, The Upshot elections model predicts a near-certain Hillary victory.



They explain: “To forecast each party’s chance of winning the presidency, our model calculates vote estimates for each state and the District of Columbia, as well as congressional districts in Maine and Nebraska, which assign electoral votes by district.”

The stats also found Democrats have a 56 percent chance of winning back the Senate.

With the Electoral College, a candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win and the data suggests that Clinton will earn 347.

Evaluating paths to presidency, The NY Times found Trump has 315 paths to victory whereas Clinton has 693.

With 22 days left till Election Day, it looks like Donald Trump is about to disappear off the face of the earth, as promised.

In his words: “If I lose, I don’t think you will ever see me again.”

University of Florida: UF