BREAKING: UF Housing curfew to be implemented to on-campus students

Guess we can’t have fun anymore

Leaked documents exclusively obtained by The Tab reveal plans for a UF housing curfew that impliment a new guest sign-in and curfew system for students who live on campus.

The documents contained an outline of a plan the The Department of Housing will put into effect before the semester ends. 

The UF housing curfew states on-campus students are to be home by 11:00 PM on weekdays, and 1:00 AM on weekends. Students who wish to stay overnight at another residence hall will have to fill out a guest approval form or alert dorm security they will not be returning home at least 24 hours beforehand.

UF housing curfew

Waiting in the bitter cold for security to approve my request to come in at NYU. Why are they trying to do this at UF?!

The new guest policy requires day guests to be signed in by a resident and be escorted out when they wish to leave. 

Overnight guests must alert the resident two days in advance and submit a form to the UF Public Safety Office for approval.

Freshman April Lofo who lives in Beaty told us: “This UF housing curfew is so stupid. Now whenever my friends come, I have to get out of bed, take the elevator, and actually bring them upstairs myself. Why am I actually being forced to do this? I’m pissed.”

This will make coming home plastered from Mid a little bit harder (especially when trying to fake sober) and your walk of shame a little more awkward.

Check the date.

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