UF has frozen over

We’re all gonna die

Seriously guys, what is happening today? Yesterday it was 82, and now this shit? I can’t even explain how upset and baffled I am, and I know I’m not alone in this feeling.

Here are all the stages of warm weather grief we’ve experienced today — Florida, you have really betrayed us.

Stage 1

5:00am, wake up shaking with heart racing thinking “holy shit, how am I so cold right now?”

Stage 2

Web MD says these symptoms could be Supraventricular tachycardia or Lyme disease.

Stage 3

Go on Snapchat because we’re awake anyway and the weather filter says it’s 46 degrees outside.


Stage 4

Call mother because everyone brought home their cold weather (Florida oops) coat during Spring Break.

Stage 5

Realize this is basically the movie Frozenwithout an Oscar-winning song or princess-like couture clothing.


Ok, this is climate change at its finest, our school environment is literally freezing over.

Stage 6

Google “Gainesville weather” and see that no newspaper or magazine has covered how cold it is so this is obviously a conspiracy.

Stage 7

Shame/guilt because the Earth is about to implode.

There’s no saving us now, everyone should probably head to mid for one last hoorah…

This is apocalypse: we are all going to die.

University of Florida: UF