We asked Republicans how they felt about Bernie coming to UF

Some people just don’t want to #FeelTheBern

It’s well known the University of Florida isn’t a stranger to important political figures. Marco Rubio may be a proud Gator (and rightfully so), but he’s not the presidential candidate we’re talking about this time. Today, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came to UF, and students are talking about it.

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Though Sanders is currently behind Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, there is no doubting he has a tremendous amount of supporters, many of whom attend UF.

Upon hearing about his impending arrival, students took to Twitter about the news.

Some were feeling the Bern.


While others weren’t so thrilled about the rally.


It’s easy to think Republicans would immediately dread the event, as Sanders embodies everything the Republican party isn’t. I asked a few Republicans their thoughts on Sanders’s visit, and here is what they had to say.

In contrast to the many who regarded the rally with disdain, Alex Everitt “didn’t mind him coming to UF.”

In fact, all the Republicans I asked were not opposed to the event – some were even for it. However, this is not to disregard the fact that their political stances differ from that of the presidential candidate’s.

Kelly Daly


“I think Bernie Sanders coming to UF is a very smart and strategic move for him on the campaign trail. Some of his largest supporters can be found on college campuses, and he’s definitely appealing to the right crowd. Kudos to Bernie.

“However, he is just not my cup of tea as a candidate. I understand the appeal of his policies, but I just don’t agree with his standpoint, simply put without getting too much into detail.”

Lauren Nagel


“I think it’s great that Bernie would come to UF and speak. Most college students are first time voters, and out of that will come educated voters. By hearing what he has to say, those who would vote for Bernie would vote for his policies, and not because someone made their Twitter status about him.

“However, as a candidate, I can see his appeal clearly as a strong Democrat and strategically coming to a college campus for Florida primaries.”

Juliana Robles


Juliana Robles

“I actually love that he’s coming to campus, after all college students are his number one fans. Even though I consider myself a Republican, I’m actually VERY liberal regarding social issues such as gay rights, abortions, racism, etc. But I do consider myself fiscally conservative.

“So I love that he’s coming and advocating for socially liberal issues, I just don’t agree with his socialist policies and economic standpoint. He would be an amazing president if his platform remained socially liberal, but instead advocated for capitalist principles for our economy.”

Mallory Koch


Mallory Koch

“I think a presidential candidate coming to UF in general is awesome, especially because a lot of people our age are voting for the first time. Since most don’t care, as a political science major, it makes me super happy to see people our age excited about politics. However, I am against pretty much all of Sander’s policies and positions, particularly when it comes to issues like economics, foreign policy, and defense.

“I feel like a lot of college students hear that he’s for things like ‘college tuition’ or ‘higher minimum wage’ and they jump right on the bandwagon. That’s completely the wrong way to go about politics. In my opinion, Bernie coming to UF is just going to fuel this ridiculous fire and not actually educate anyone.”

At the end of the day, anyone can have an opinion, anyone can show up to a rally. But what truly matters and what truly makes a difference is voting. As voters, we have our voices heard and can influence important issues that affect our nation. As Sanders said at today’s event, “No president can do what has to be done alone.” Liberal or conservative, when it comes to the presidential election, it is vital that you are informed and take a stance— it is vital that you vote. 

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