Franks stuns Tennessee with Hail Mary touchdown for a Gators win

When it looked like the Gators were going into overtime, Felipe Franks delivered a huge touchdown

The #24 Gators face the #23 Vols tomorrow


Walker Hall sign uprooted again, some suspecting foul play

No other signs in the surrounding area were affected

US News and World Report’s university rankings are out and it’s great to be a Florida Gator

Still better than FSU

UF campus before and after Irma’s destruction

The University of Florida was spared from the most devastating parts of Irma, but there was still some heavy damage

Streetlights off on University Ave and 13th Street

Not just at the intersection, but further down the road and Midtown

Dennis is throwing a hurricane party

He’s promoting it on the corner of University Avenue, across the street from UF.

How to beat the water shortage with fruits and alcohol

Can’t find cheap water? Get beer and watermelons.

A quarter of all reported sexual assaults at UF occur in frats

And there’s one dorm on campus that accounts for six reported incidents

UF campus closed through Monday due to Hurricane Irma


President Fuchs pledges support to students affected by DACA withdrawal

What won’t he do?

Richard Spencer to sue UF for the right to speak on campus

Fuchs: ‘We are prepared to vigorously defend our decision. The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority’

UFPD bans Turlington preacher from UF campus

But he can’t be banned from our hearts

UF football ranks 17th despite beating two of the top four teams last season

The AP Top 25 poll came out putting FSU in fourth and UF in 17th.

UF denies Richard Spencer’s request to speak on campus

Not so fast, Nazi boy

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer is coming to the University of Florida

You may recognize him from that ‘Nazi punched in face’ video