A review of UF’s production of ‘Kiss Me Kate’

This hilarious musical is definitely worth your time.

Going to the library as someone who is addicted to social media

What would you give to check your phone?

We spoke with a former white nationalist who had mutual friends with Richard Spencer

‘Word got out that [Lenio] spoke about wanting to shoot and kill children and that was the last straw for me.’

I’m proud to be in Greek life

‘We are not all barbies who have pillow fights in our pajamas.’

What do you meme McElwain got fired?

Too many losses, not enough sharks

A tribute to Ian Burns: The UF student who fatally fell off a balcony

Students in music and engineering remember a smart and talented classmate with a bright future.

Apparently Theta is reporting all the memes about them to Facebook… so here they are

Memes, parm, and hazing– oh my

We spoke with a former high school classmate of the girl in the Theta hazing tapes

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R.L. Stine at UF: The man of the hour

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Six last minute Halloween costumes that are perfect for UF students

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We just asked white supremacist Richard Spencer how much it hurt to get punched in the face

‘It hurt. It hurts when someone punches you in the face’

Richard Spencer’s speech taught me what it’s like to be a bigoted moron

The IQ for those within 20 miles dropped significantly

Where was the alt-right?

There were as few as a dozen white supremacists present.

LIVE: How UF is rejecting Richard Spencer

T-minus 30 minutes to Richard Spencer’s speech and so far love is prevailing on campus

President Fuchs says Richard Spencer is a Jew-hating racist who has no place on our campus

‘He is contrary to everything this university represents’

Cameron Padgett claims ‘discrimination’ after being denied from Tall Paul’s

Padgett is the man responsible for Spencer’s arrival at UF