Emory business school students give their advice to sophomores looking to apply

‘Be prepared for a lot of work’

Three weeks into the business school and you hear people ranting about the amount of work they have, their midterms, the group projects, presentations, recruitment and several other things, but seeing similar faces everyday is comforting in all the chaos and workload. From completing junior seminar requirements to preparing for interviews, we always have each other.

Although the first few weeks in the business school are overwhelming and confusing, everything we do is helping us develop professionally, while preparing us for the outside competitive world. I have personally enjoyed every bit of this confusion – running from one event to another and attending workshops to understand what a discounted cash flow is. I enjoy taking classes that focus on what I want to pursue and help me develop my skills.

I asked a few people to share with me their experiences three weeks into the business school, and if they have any advice for sophomores in the college who are applying to the business school.

Jillian Blumenthal, 21

“My first few weeks at the business school have kept me busy, but I have found it to be an exciting experience! I love the professional focus, and I know that the things I am learning in my classes and in networking events will prepare me as I begin to enter the business world.

“My advice for sophomores applying to the business school would be to start getting involved as much as possible, to continue engaging in leadership roles, and to start thinking early about what areas of business might interest you! Don’t stress too much, but instead get excited, because so many opportunities await you.”

Bibiana Najas, 20

“The program is very good and productive – I really like it. While I like that it is very helpful for our professional lives by giving us opportunities to network with people, build connections, and learn about companies and prepare for interviews, the work load is something stressful. For all the sophomores applying to the business school, be prepared for a lot of work!”

Ksheerja Batra, 20

“I absolutely loved my experience in the first few weeks. The first few days felt like an overload of information and I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but around the second week I started to get things under control. I was so excited about all my classes and extra-curriculars that I would recite the same story to my parents twice a day when they were in different continents, with the exact same enthusiasm. I was motivated at the idea of learning.

“Advice for sophomores: plan, plan, plan. One reason that I initially struggled was because of my lacking ability to prioritize and plan almost to an extremity.”

These students love the professional development aspect of the business school and how it’s given them a taste of the real world. Although hectic and overwhelming, students successfully manage to get jobs with some of the best companies in the world, and see themselves and well rounded individuals. Hence, the business definitely helps you develop professionally and teaches you to plan.