Tips for remaining sane once the dream of syllabus week is over

Do not skip meals, and sleep well

Welcome back Eagles! As the second week of school wraps up, we all have to accept the fact that summer is really over and it’s time to get back into action. Fall semester has really started and syllabus week has sadly ended. Some students already have exams, while others are just beginning all of their assignments and projects.

We tend to forget what it is like to study and be in the student mindset because of summer, so here are a few tips to remind you of how to tackle this semester.

Stay organized

It is very important to have everything you need to do and everywhere you need to be laid out. Whether you use a planner, or the calendar on your phone, or writing everything on your hand, you should definitely find a reliable way to stay organized. The worst feeling is walking into class and being told there is an exam when you were not expecting it. I highly recommend using your phone because we are always using it anyway! If you want to make it more fun, color code it, personalize it as much as you can so you actually use it!

Know where you are going

Learn the best path to take to get to all your classes and meetings. This one may be directed more towards freshmen but you do not want to end up in the wrong classroom, especially after syllabus week. Figure out the fastest way for you to get to class so you’re never late and you’ll know how long it takes.

Do not skip meals

When people get really busy or overwhelmed, it is really easy to start skipping meals which is really bad for your health! Plus, food is amazing, so why skip any meals? Adding meal times to your schedule will ensure you grab some food. Always eat, always.

Get involved

A great stress reliever is getting involved on campus. The best way is to pick a few activities you really like and become a huge part of those activities. This will not only be a good break from academics, but it gives you a great excuse to hang out with you friends.

Sleep well

It is so easy to stay up late, being distracted and then realizing you have way too much homework to finish. A good way to avoid that is to sleep early and wake up early. When you wake up early, you generally get distracted less while also getting 8 hours of sleep; it is a great compromise. Even if you cannot do that, definitely try to sleep and catch up on it as much as you can over the weekend. Sleep is vital to your health and education.

Have some fun

Sometimes we all get carried up in our responsibilities and the pressures that come with being a student at such a prestigious university and forget that we are still young and we should blow off some steam. It is necessary to sometimes take a break and just go out with your friends whether it is simply out to dinner or to a party. Just let loose and have some fun. We are only young once!

Do not procrastinate

It is very easy to put off work with the idea that it is just the beginning of the year. And that is so wrong. Once you get behind, it is very difficult to play catch up. Staying on your game since day one will push you in the right direction.


Favoring what is really important over what is not is the key to success. Whatever you prioritize, whether it is academics or athletics or career, make sure you focus on that and accomplish all your goals.

I hope trying out these tips lead you to success! Good luck Eagles! #slay