All of the reasons I’m excited to be back at Emory

Sweet, sweet independence

As the summer draws to a close, many students are breathing a sigh of relief as they finish settling into their dorms and waiting in anticipation for classes to start. As they get back, they re-acquaint themselves with the campus and the things they missed.

School friends

One of the many benefits of being an Emory student is the unique opportunity to make friends with people across the world – you never remember that more than after you’ve headed home for the summer! Sure, at first you’re busy¬†meeting up with your old high school pals and sleeping off the trauma that was finals, but once you’re settled in, you often find yourself wanting to see your other friends once again.

The WoodPEC

If you try to stay fit and appreciate the free tracks, machines (and swimming pools) that come with an Emory education, you might find it a bit jarring to go back to your local gym, and then recoil at the steep prices to get the same kind of gym workout!


While most Emory summers are all about extracurriculars and internships, and most will find something to occupy their time outside of school, some might dearly miss gathering with their fellow club members to discuss anything from political issues to the newest episode of the most fascinating shows, or to practice their favorite sport or even work on their favorite publication *cough cough* The Tab *cough.*

Classes (Yes, I’m a nerd, I know)

Although there are plenty who dread coming back to school to face down papers and exams galore, I do appreciate the mental stimulation that comes with returning to school every fall. I live to learn more and to be one step closer to knowing what I want to do for the rest of my life, and gaining more knowledge for my passions and my brighter future.


Being free to sleep in as long as class doesn’t loom over your head (unless you want to sleep through your class) is awesome – as is being free to dictate your own schedule for the day and not have to hear “why do you get in so late?” from your parents.

Your choices are your own – whether you choose to hang out with your friends or choose to lock yourself in on your own.¬†And the best part of it all is that Emory encourages us to form our own opinions by seeking as much knowledge as we can. And that’s just the beginning.