The unofficial, honest Emory packing list

Housing isn’t sending this one to your parents

You’ve chosen Emory (or Emory has chosen you) so you’re clearly already off to a great start. But as much as your friends/family/Target has been telling you what to pack for college, here’s what you actually need for your time at Emory

Wine bottles

Haute décor for every Emory student. It’s the perfect way to remind your guests that all the books and notes that are littering your floor don’t define you, because there is a reason all those bottles are empty.

A snowsuit and rations

Sometimes we get an inch of snow in Atlanta. I know, I know, it’s terrifying, but if you come prepared for two weeks of absolute societal break down and desolation, you just might survive Snowstorm 2k17.


Whatever meal plan you have after first year, it’s not enough. You enter the DUC first year eating like a king, and by second year you are a peasant licking every scrap off your plate in order to cut down on the number of meal swipes you spend. Will we ever learn to appreciate the oatmeal cookies we took a bite of and let go to waste while we have them? But there is hope, yet. Make friends with the employees at the DUC and maybe, just maybe, you can sneak an entire sandwich and fries out for later.

A corset or a robe

Don’t ask me why we brave the cold night air in scanty clothing to go to Beta’s Playboy party. It happens every year, everyone looks like they are having a miserable time, but it happens any way.

Lena Dunham, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s autobiographies

To cancel out the Playboy party. We are still #progressive.

Cat food

Because we’re all trying to catch the strays around campus.

People food

Because, again, we’re all trying to catch the strays around campus. The transition from Netflix and chill to being seen together in daylight hours can be hard, but food is the way to any starving student’s heart.

Poster board

If Emory is the school I know it to be, we will be protesting the destruction of our late night treasure Zaya’s (or Dooley’s Den if you’re a newbie). Recommended protest chant: “give me midnight cheesy fries or give me death.”

Sunglasses and headphones

Ah, the “too busy to notice” look: the perfect disguise for when you inevitably run into your hookup on Cox Bridge. Don’t try to avoid them, on our campus it’s futile, just be prepared to hustle so you don’t have to stop and chat.

Athleisure wear

We are too high class for sweatpants every day. Athleisure says, “I’m not just trying to be comfortable, I’m dressing for the killer gym sesh I have planned after this class.” The truth is irrelevant.

Black pants, a black top and wedges

The understood sorority dress code at the loved and hated college bar, Mags. Rick won’t let you in without it. Bonus: The black pants are now at the ready in case you have the honor of being selected to be one of Dooley’s security guards.

Monogrammed jewelry and Lily Pulitzer

It’s a must for every southern college student (no one has to know that you’re actually from New York like everyone else at Emory). 

A customized name card

Impress your professors in lecture classes and maintain the single shred of individuality the B-school supports.

A sleeping bag

Let’s face it; we all have those friends who reach the shouldn’t even be walking home level. A sleeping bag is a warm token of hospitality for those friends that come over for King’s Cup and end up crashing on your floor. And if you are sharing a room, keep it somewhere accessible in case you come home to find that your room is, well—“occupied.”