Emory is the 10th most diverse college in America

Because a convocation of Eagles is best when it’s diverse

Emory has ranked tenth in Priceonomics‘ top 100 most diverse colleges in America.

Whenever you flip open a pamphlet for a school, one of the first things you’ll see featured is a school’s diversity. But how sure can you be that a college is as diverse as it claims? At least Emory can proudly claim that it is one of the most diverse among top 100 universities.

To calculate, Priceonomics used five racial/ethnic categories (White, Asian, Hispanic, Black, and other). By using population data from the Department of Education and BestColleges.com , they created an index ranging from 1 (the least diverse) to 1/N (the most diverse). In other words, the smaller the index, the more diverse the school.

The top ten has a few names you might recognize: Stanford ranks number one, NYU as number nine, and Emory as number ten. Not to mention, similar Southern Ivies like Duke (number 32) and Vanderbilt (number 54) can’t even touch Emory in the diversity category.

The table shows certain trends: schools in California tend to be more diverse, larger universities tend to be more diverse, and the top schools in the ranking tend to have the most financial resources.

Attending a school that has high diversity, like Emory (go Eagles!), has incredible advantages. Our diversity allows for there to be a richer discussion on political and social issues, a cultural education through both organizations and social interaction with fellow students, and better educational opportunities for people of all racial backgrounds.