Where not to cry on Emory campus

We’ve had the best – now here’s the worst

Well, you heard where’s the best places to cry on campus. But where are the worst?

Want to know where NOT to cry? Where people won’t ask you why you have tears down your face?

Where people won’t find your presence uncomfortable?


I scream, you scream, but please don’t cry on the ice cream! Crying into your soft-serve might not be the best option.

The DUC is probably one of the worst places to go shed your tears. But, you may get a lot of attention for it.

Privacy: -10000

Accessibility: 10000 (super easy to go to)

Comfort: The comfort of your food?

Wonderful Wednesday

It’s called Wonderful Wednesday for a reason. Not “Woe Is Me Wednesday.”

Bring your tears to a more secluded environment. The only tears that would make sense at Wonderful Wednesday is if the food trucks ran out of food.

Privacy: Worse than the DUC

Accessibility: Um… it is the most busiest part of campus

Comfort: None. Zero. Zelch. Maybe if you cry in one of the bouncy houses?


I’m sure that we have all had the desire to burst into tears during class before, whether it is out of frustration, or anger, or if you just watched your favorite sports team lose on your cell phone while trying to listen to the teacher.

Hold in those tears, friend. Wait until those 75 minutes are up. Or play the “I’m sick” card.

Privacy: 2

Accessibility: Every Monday, Wednesday or Friday (or Tuesday, Thursday, depending on your class meeting times)

Comfort: 1 (How comfortable is it to cry to your teacher?)

The Study Lounges

Though you think this might be a bit more secluded, you still get people walking by all the time that might see your tears and be concerned. But hey, finals week? People might just nod their head instead and say, “Oo, I feel that.”

P.S: Crying in front of tour groups might cause scare. Do not attempt.

Privacy: 7

Accessibility: 8

Comfort: 6

Coffee Shops

Whether it’s Starbs, or Peets, or Kaldi’s, don’t cry while you dribble coffee down your chin. Don’t want to try a shot’s worth of your tears in an espresso.

Privacy: -2

Accessibility: Until 9pm or so

Comfort: Of your drink and the chairs (Extra comfort: Bring your own blanket)

During office hours

Have you ever seen a teacher deal with a crying student? They freeze and look at you and just say, “Um. Oh gosh. Um. I’m sorry?” Do not attempt. Best to find comfort elsewhere.

Privacy: 7

Accessibility: 3

Comfort: Unknown

On the Freshman Quad

Standing in an open area of circular grass with nothing to hide, might not be the best place to hide your tears. Though the sprinkler system might not have to work so hard next time the grass needs watering, it’s probably a better idea to shed your tears in a more shadier, hidden area. (The main quad might be a bit better, but best to try and avoid the open grassy spaces where most people seem to be).

Privacy: 0

Accessibility: 10000

Comfort: Being outside on a warm day on the grass is comfortable… But crying on it might not be.

Career Center (or at a job interview)

We know you want that job and we know you want to figure out your life. But they might not know how to figure out how to make you stop crying. Breathe, first off. And make those tears of joy instead when you land your first job or rock your job interview or just figure out your life.

Privacy: 4

Accessibility: 7

Comfort: Of knowing that you are working out your life.

In the library“Stacks and Stacks” of tears might cause some panic. Though you think the comfort of the stacks might be nice and private, your sobs may disrupt the quietness and even cause stress to people around you. Might try a very secluded part of the library or a part that might not be so quiet.

Privacy: Only in the stacks or possibly the bathrooms

Accessibility: 10

Comfort: Of the other people also suffering with you when the terror of finals is approaching… (But is that really comfortable?)

At the Woodpec

Crying and biking is a talent. But watching someone cry and bike might be scary to watch. Let that exercise release those happy endorphins instead and choose sweat this time instead of tears. P.S. Don’t choke if you do attempt to cry while exercising.

Privacy: -100

Accessibility: All day

Comfort: ?? Is there even any comfort in exercising?

Even though stress is all around us and tears are on the brink of our eyelids, it’s best to avoid these places if possible if you feel the need to have your Niagra Falls moment. We all cry, especially during finals week. But it’s also great to know that we are not alone. So look out for each other!Looking for where to cry? Want to let out those tears not just in the comfort of your own room? Refer to the “Best Places to Cry on Emory’s Campus” for good suggestions.

Co-writer and Inspiration for this piece: Jamie Nadler (’19)