Things all Emory freshmen now know

We’ve learned a lot

Freshmen year is a learning experience. You not only are the newbies in the school, but you are also the newbies in learning the “tricks of the trade” at Emory.

So what have we learned our freshmen year?

The prime times at the DUC are between 12-1pm and 5-6pm

If you want a table, go early or leave hungry.

Searching for a table is like looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow. Whatever you have on you, use it as a place holder – keys, phones, backpacks, jackets, hats, books, or a human being (preferably a friend).

Until you get your food, do not leave your position or you will lose the table.

I repeat: you will lose the table (or get ambushed).

The laundry rooms are a battle field.

Depending on your dorm, your options are limited. You have dorms like Raoul with 13 washers or Turman with only 6. So when you have that rare moment in your day to do laundry, pick up your clothes and RUN. It is a battlefield out there and people are ruthless.

A minute late to the dryer and your clothes might be scattered across the battlefield (no lie).

Dooley Dollars are the best until you have none

Who knew fake money could be so awesome? Treat Yourself Tuesday? Nah, treat yourself everyday.

Starbucks, Cox, Highland Bakery, Dominos, Blue Donkey, The Depot, and Kaldi’s….until you run out.

Once you run out, you are a slave to DUC food or even worse…using real money.

We all wish printing was free

Paper is money. And Money is paper. And DUC Document Services is bae.

Cheaper printing AND you get the machine to staple it for you? What’s better than that?

You will have no space in your closet

Wanna know why? Because you will get over 10+ t-shirts and Emory gear for, say what? FREE.

Get ready to rep shamelessly.

You get addicted to coffee, no matter the price

Because when you got to make it to that 8:30 Accounting class, you are very much willing to spend $6 on that Iced Vanilla Latte from Kaldi’s. And when you are trying to comfort yourself, you get Starbucks (and live there). And once you begin, there’s no going back.

Caffeine=energy=motivation=you get through the day=addiction

Netflix becomes your best friend

Do you have 42 minutes of your life to spend? We have a solution! One word for you: Netflix or studying… Or actually Netflix. You choose.

You actually go to the events you get invited to on Facebook

We have always just seen Facebook events as interesting opportunities that we may or may not go to.

At Emory, Facebook events are the way to see what’s going on that week. You will think twice before pressing the “X” on the side.

When in the Village, go to CVS

Need toilet paper? Make-up remover? CHOCOLATE? Our very own convenient store is so convenient it is in two locations: Point AND the Village.

So go buy whatever you want and then treat yourself after by spending more money on Chipotle.

YOSO (You Only SongFest Once)

So you think you can dance? Yes, you can. SongFest is the time to shine. Trust me, we are all in this together. Get ready to experience the real life version of High School Musical.
It’s called freshmen year for a reason. It only comes once. So have fun and make the most of it!