The aftermath of Milo Yiannopoulos on social media

The Milopocalypse left quite an impression on the Internet

The day that Milo Yiannopoulos stepped onto Emory campus for a talk, chaos broke out across the university. Several chalkings appeared across the University grounds in protest proclaiming that “Milo does not speak for us” and that his hate speech would not be tolerated.

There were warnings across social media that protests would be taking place during the talk, and as the time of Yiannopoulos’ arrival drew near, these warnings became reality.

At 6:30 pm, a few people donned black clothing and stood in front of White Hall in protest of the talk.

You can read about these pre-protests, quotes from Milo’s visit, and even watch footage of the talk itself here on The Tab by clicking this link.

Following the talk and a Q&A session, Yiannopoulos headed for Asbury Circle, intent on chalking the campus, inviting spectators to join him.

Right after the talk people rushed to twitter and hundreds of tweets followed! Some for Yiannopoulos:


While some decried his presence on campus, others responded more humorously.

…while others responded in kind.

Yiannopoulos later called out the protesters and claimed that they had “low energy”, mocking the low turnout of the protesters, and some on Twitter chose to mock the messages on the signs.

Others, in keeping with the reason why Milo Yiannopoulos came to campus, made fun of the backlash against the Trump chalkings with memes…

…while others took to their keyboards to speak out against Yiannopoulos on Twitter.


Others ridiculed the University and its protesters, making fun of the poor turnout for the protest itself, and of the University itself for “catering” to Trump supporters.

And of course, people also covered the chalkings across campus following the White Hall talks, christening it “The Chalkening.” Facebook was no less vocal than Twitter, and others began posting more thoughtful opinions there, and longer stories of their night (these are just a few):


Since the event, people have taken over social media and hundreds of long Facebook posts fill our newsfeed as well as Twitter. Following the event our team for The Tab had an exclusive interview with Milo Yiannopoulos.