BREAKING: There’s a camel in Asbury Circle for Israel Fest

It has the longest eyelashes

Right now, in Asbury Circle, Emory’s Students for Israel (ESI) is having there annual Israel Fest!

Every year, Emory Students for Israel has a day all about culture and understanding more about Israel.

Not only is there a wonderful camel in Asbury Circle, but there is all sorts of food too and activities too!

IMG_3763 IMG_3762With music blaring and the incentive of a camel and T-shirts, people are flocking to Asbury Circle.IMG_3761So whether you are cutting through to a class or just trying to see what everyone’s talking about, come out to Israel Fest and learn all about it.

Emory Students for Israel club member, Ashley Stern, is there now.

The Freshman said Israel Fest has been happening for a few years now, and is all about¬†“embracing and loving Israel”. Tables are set up with different activities to get everyone more aware about the culture, such as Israel trivia.

The best part? Each time you go to a table, you can earn a ticket. And 3 tickets means a free T-shirt. What’s better than that?¬†IMG_3758So if you want to get a free t-shirt, free items, learn about Israel’s culture, get wonderful food, and take selfies with a camel, go to Israel Fest 2016.IMG_3755IMG_3754