Things you’ll only get if you’re a self-professed caffeine addict

Because your friends know that if you’re not in your room, you are probably at Starbucks

There are some things that all caffeine addicts understand and share in common.

You know coffee shops are the best place to write

The caffeinated environment the corner table facing the window at Starbucks always help accelerate the creative side.

Get a Venti sized drink, plug in and play your favorite music, and writing papers and articles becomes the best thing ever. And when you are done writing, you realise you’ve somehow spent 4 hours there.

You always have that one friend you meet for caffeine

Because there is always someone as bad as you.

The odds of seeing them at Starbucks or Peet’s at the library are very high and every time you meet, you realize you never see each other without a cup of the good stuff in your hands.

Tuesdays are incomplete without Blue Donkey

Even though Blue Donkey is more like dessert than coffee, no Tuesday goes without a trip to the Farmer’s market.

All your friends know exactly where to find you

If someone is looking for you and don’t know where you are, your friends will say, “If she isn’t in class or her room, she’s at Starbucks.”

Spotting a coffee cup in your Instagram pictures isn’t very hard

Doesn’t need much of a description, does it?

You are always excited about trying new caffeine related things

Trying seasonal drinks and new coffee shops is your thing and you’re probably tracking new drinks on the Starbucks Facebook page.

People also ask you for coffee recommendations.

But first, COFFEE

There is no end to your coffee mug collection and you own a tonne of accessories that say, “But first, COFFEE.”

Baristas at most coffee shops know you by your first name

Because you become a frequent customer, the baristas behind the counter know exactly who you are and sometimes even give you free drinks because they know you’ll return.

Most importantly, your friends know exactly what to gift you

A Starbucks gift card.

It solves all problems and everyone knows that its the perfect christmas, birthday and whatever other gift you are supposed to get.

Everyone knows that a Starbucks gift card will make you feel on top of the world.