The key to success: Everything that happened at DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled rocked McDonough and of course, took lots of Snapchats

Last night, DJ Khaled started the first of two concerts this week that are going to wrap up Dooley’s Week.

Emory took over DJ Khaled’s Snapchats yesterday, starting from his shoutout at ATL to jammin’ along with him and his music during the concert.

At 8, doors opened and the line began

Around 8, two incredible DJs pumped up the crowd as we waited for DJ KhaledAnd then around 9:45, DJKash and DJ Khaled came on stage and it was lowkey amazing

He opened with his classic “All I Do Is Win” and then stopped a few times throughout the entire concert to Snapchat

So whether you were there, rocking out to his remixes and songs or hearing them from the other side of campus, we can all agree that SPC helped throw down for Dooley’s week.

And because of SPC, DJ Khaled definitely saw Emory as his:The key to success: stay tuned to the Tab for what’s left to come of Dooley’s Week!

Image Source: Maggie McMahon and DJ Khaled’s snapchat