I tried to get my 8:30 accounting class cancelled

Dooley’s week makes everything OK

Each one of us is familiar with the feeling when an early morning class has been cancelled. Although it’s rare at Emory, for a week in Spring, you have a certain degree of control over that.

All you need to do is take care of three very important steps.

They are as follows:

Step one: Write a poem

Want to get your class cancelled? The first thing you need to do is write a poem. Take a break from academics and sit down with a cup of coffee and some good music and get your rhyming skills to accelerate.

It would be fabulous if you can write one on Emory.

Step Two: Email it to Emory’s Lord of Misrule

Emory’s Lord of Misrule a.k.a. Lord James W. Dooley  represents a quirky tradition on campus. The biology lab skeleton safeguards the official Spirit of Emory. Acting through students selected to don the Dooley mantle, he maintains a vigorous and unpredictable presence during a week in his honor in the spring. The identity of these students is one of the best-kept secrets on campus.

Each spring, students celebrate Emory’s resident spirit in a week of fun, foolishness, and rich tradition. Dooley has the power to dismiss class—and that is just the beginning of a memorable week. And that week officially began this Monday.

His email address: [email protected]

Step Three: Pray to the “Lord” that Dooley likes it

After submission, all you do is wait. If your poem is good enough, your 8:30 class has a good chance of getting cancelled. If it isn’t, you might want to arrange a refill for your coffee cup.

The fate of your schedule lies completely in “Lord’s” hands. And if you are lucky enough, he might just show up, quiz your professor on Emory trivia and if the professor fails to answer, cancel your class without anyone writing a poem.

Well, I went for my 8:30 class today and guess what? He didn’t show up. Oh well, I tried. Maybe another day this week.

Or at least once in my remaining three years here, he’ll come and cancel my morning class.