Everything happening at Dooley’s Week 2016

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This week The Tab is dedicated to having the most recent and accurate Dooley’s Week updates.

You’ll know what the best events are and all the amazing things that Emory has put together to celebrate our beloved mascot Lord James W. Dooley.

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And so it begins…


Statue of Dooley near Asbury Circle decorated in the Dooleywod theme


Students woke up today to find the entire school decorated in DooleyWood themed decorations.

As is tradition here at Emory, if Dooley walks into your class during Dooley’s week, your class is let out. A few classes, including an early business economics class, were dismissed right off the bat this morning, just one of the many reasons we all love Dooley’s Week.

Here’s hoping Dooley pays a visit to all my classes before noon for the rest of the the week…

5:00 PM


Dooley’s week was off to a great start at Asbury circle. Complete with free food provided by ICE and an inflatable slide.



Free food provided by ICE at Asbury Circle


Inflatable slide at Asbury Circle

The first day of Dooley’s week was rounded off by a few performances from some student groups on campus.

All in all I think everyone on campus grateful for this nice break as we prepare for finals, which are right around the corner (eek!).

Check back everyday for your favorite Dooley’s week updates… fingers crossed for yummy surprises for tomorrow!


Today’s events started at 5pm with lines as far as the eye can see. On McDonough Field Emory hosted an extensive list of restaurants that served free food to many hungry students, yours truly included. At the same time on Asbury circle students assembled to watch Emory’s finest perform both original songs and amazing covers.



Students gathered at Asbury circle for Coachella


One of the many lines on McDonough Field

The one and only Lord Dooley was ever present at all of today’s activities


And that’s another beautiful warm day in the world of Lord Dooley. Can’t wait for all of tomorrow’s festivities which I hear include moving film premieres and a comedian that will have us all crying.

If you attend any of the Dooley’s week event and get a great shot of Dooley or Emory students having fun please feel free to send them into the Tab or myself!