Sociology is the easiest major – and that’s why it’s the best

No point in denying it

The conversation usually goes like this…

“So what are you studying?”


“Oh, well that sounds… fun.”

Did it suddenly get cloudy? Those euphemisms don’t hide what’s being insinuated. But I won’t argue with you because you know what? You’re right!

Sociology is fun, it is interesting, and yes it is easy too.

Globalization. Race Relations. Mass Media. Health. Law. Education

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” or in laymen’s terms… YOLO.

The material makes me want to dig deeper and learn more. I don’t have to force it. Even when there is a lot to wade through, it doesn’t feel like a chore because the information is so engaging. Professors love giving opportunities to practice research and presentation skills.

The deeper you dig the better off you end up both academically and intellectually. To get a good grade all I really have to do is follow the guidelines and deadlines and turn in something I’m proud of.

Sociology encourages me to draw from personal experiences while pushing me to also think beyond them

Therein lies the ease in understanding, critically evaluating and synthesizing the content in a way that deepens my understanding of the world and the people inhabiting it. No matter how dense the terminology and abstract (or specific) the concepts can be, I never feel in over my head.

Once you get the basics understanding the nuanced differences and distinctions and interconnections is easy… sometimes it just takes a little longer to process. Especially in the application parts but that’s a fun, if not frustrating, part of the learning process as well.

Other majors typical reading versus sociology major typical reading.

Most of the assigned readings are journal articles which are made with the intention to be short and to the point

… in contrast to textbooks, novels and other popular forms of text.

Once you get past the intro classes sociology majors mostly read journal articles. Journal articles are the best. Especially when you have lots of reading, a project group meeting, a club meeting, and assignments for other classes due within the same night.

Find the variables of interest, operational definitions, hypotheses, characteristics of the sample, understand the broad strokes of the methodology and read the abstract and boom you’ve got the main point in ten minutes or less. Pop quiz? Bring it on!

Getting to know professors on a more personal level is the name of the game

Sometimes it starts with them reaching out to pass along other works to check out based on an assignment you’ve turned in or questions you’ve raised in class. Sometimes it starts with you going to office hours or hanging out after class to talk about an assignment or parts of the discussion. Usually, it just happens.

When you’re learning about social roles and rituals and group dynamics professors and students sharing bits of their own experience is expected. It shifts the focus off of the lecture material and onto the individuals in the room and their life experiences. You start off talking to professors about class and end up talking to them about life.

Sociology is (IMHO) the easiest major to adore

The content is interesting. The work is enjoyable. The connections are organic.

The grading is skewed in favor of curious and conscientious minds. Sling shade as you wish.

I’ll be happily learning away.