This hero student at Duke played Wii during class because he can

Is he a badass or what?

Duke University is one of the most academically rigorous colleges in the nation.

That said, classes could be a pain.

But this student found a way to cope with his stress by playing Wii Tennis on his laptop in a class:

Wii Tennis in class, Ball is life @barstoolbdevils

A post shared by 5th Year (@5thyear) on Sep 27, 2017 at 5:55am PDT

So, let's see:

Duke charges $51,510 for tuition a year.

So, it would be $51,510 / 2 = $25,755 per semester.

There are approximately 15 weeks of classes in a semester. Hence, $25,755 / 15 = $1,717 per week.

And most classes have 150 hours of teaching time every week, so $1717 / 150 = $11.45 per minute.

Assuming this student needed time to set up the game and paid attention to class for a little bit, I'm going to guess and say he played for 30 minutes. This means that this kid managed to spend $11.45 x 30 = $343.40 worth of Duke education on Wii tennis because #ballingislife.

And this, my friends, is the Duke Difference.

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