A definitive list of why Duke will always be better than UNC

Blue Devils tear those Tar Heels apart

We all know that last week, Duke once again took home the game against UNC in 2017. While this should serve as enough evidence to prove Duke’s superiority, those Tar Heels can’t seem to admit their defeat.

So here are some other reasons that support why Duke is better than Carolina.

“Chelfies” are mandatory for Duke students

UNC may be in “Chapel” Hill, but we all know Duke’s chapel beats all.

Duke’s student to teacher ratio is 6:1 whereas Carolina’s is 14:1, which means Duke’s students get much more attention.

Durham’s got 9th Street, which has the best restaurants that a college student could ask for.

Let’s be honest – which mascot is cooler?

Duke owns a forest and it’s 7,060 acres of beauty.

Duke’s campus resembles Hogwarts’ whereas Carolina’s… well who knows.

Duke’s got Ken Jeong – basically responsible for The Hangover.

Duke claims its name for itself, but Carolina shares it with a bunch of others. Which Carolina is it? Which UNC is it?

When we think of the color “blue,” we would all think of Duke Blue, NOT Carolina Blue (barely a blue)

Duke not only has Greek Life, but also SLGs (Selective Living Groups) which expand the diversity of communities that people could join.

Duke produced Christian Laettner.

Which would you rather read, The Chronicle or…. The Daily Tar Heel?

Carolina students don’t even know how to spell Krzyzewskiville.

Duke has the wildest traditions including Bench Burning when we kick Carolina’s butt…

…which Cameron Crazies were able to once again experience in 2017!

And let’s not forget that the love and passion Duke students have for their school is incontestable

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