Applications are open for The Tab Duke’s internship

We’re more than your campus newspaper

The Tab is America’s leading college news network. You might have heard of us because we broke the story about Malia Obama going to Harvard and we asked Donald Trump what he is going to do for people leaving college.

At Duke, we’ve published every kind of article, including breaking the news that NAACP members were met with racist graffiti, went undercover at a U Miami basketball game, and profiled students in the ‘What I be’ campaign.

The Tab has a grassroots network of the most talented student reporters at over 70 colleges in the US, and a global audience of eight million readers.

Applications are now open for The Tab Duke Fellowship. The Fellowship is a remote internship recognized by leading media companies and journalism schools, available to the most talented student journalists and writers.

Fellows will provide sharp reporting on campus life, and will also have the opportunity to cover political events for Electoral College, and contribute to Babe, the fastest growing women’s site on the internet.

There are ten spots on The Tab Fellowship at each school.

Tab Fellows produce three stories a month, and they work with a campus editor and a professional journalist in New York to write quality stories with sharp angles.

Rewards include limited edition Tab merchandise, LinkedIn recommendations from senior journalists, and internship opportunities at The Tab’s New York office and their media partners.

Although The Tab has only been in the States for a year, we have already had stories with weekly traffic surpassing the biggest stories in publications like The Washington Post, and The New York Times.


These articles were written by students like you, and with the right ideas, your stories could be next.

For questions about applying, reach out to our HQ contact in Williamsburg, New York, [email protected]

This isn’t your school newspaper.

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