The definitive guide to surviving LDOC

We got you

The big day is almost upon us and, while you may be hyped and ready to rage, we have a few tips that will help you survive the day and maybe even make it to Shooters…

Drink water

Stay hydrated kids, it’s common sense but make sure to take advantage of the free water bottles or you’ll regret it the next day…

Get a good night’s sleep the night before


Considering you will be awake and likely consuming energy-zapping substances for over 12 hours, I would recommend getting as much sleep as possible to prepare yourself for the day.

Find as much free food as possible and eat it


There will be free food anywhere and everywhere, at the very least make sure to eat a hearty breakfast in order to sustain yourself for the hours to come.

Go to the silent disco


This is just a fun time, what’s not to love about random dancing?

Invest in a fanny pack to keep all of your sh*t


You will be grateful that you kept all your valuables in one place and around your waist when the rest of your friends are attempting to locate their duke cards, IPhones and more from obscure spots around campus.

Make a friend who has a room on West Campus near the main quad


Since LDOC limits students to ‘quad only access’ it will be nice to have a friend with a room on West Campus where you can drop your bags off or take a time-out from all the excitement.

Nap in that friend’s room


Maybe that room can be more than just a storage room, the post-classes/pre-concert nap is a useful tool to help renew your energy for the rest of the day.

Use sunscreen


You may not think about it on the day but having to apply aloe to your third degree sunburn during reading-period is not ideal.

Don’t wear your LDOC shirt


Just don’t be that person.

Get a wristband and don’t lose it


This is actually a very important point.  If you forget to pick up your wristband or if you lose it, you squander your rights to access the main quad, the concert, your friends, food and more.

Use a buddy system


Make sure to check in with a buddy.  If you are accountable for another human you may be a tad more responsible during the day and a lot safer.

Don’t blackout


Know your limits and take it slow.  LDOC a marathon not a sprint.

Don’t vomit


See above.

Don’t hook up with them


What is worse than checking your phone the day after a party and seeing the countless embarrassing texts sent to that special someone. Do you want that post-hook up remorse?  Think twice before locking lips.

Don’t wear white


Beer, pizza, glitter, who knows what will be out there? Hedge your bets and wear machine-washable, dark colored clothes – or at least avoid your favorite ivory tank.

Have fun


Duke University