A graduating senior’s survival guide to Dartmouth

Top tips to surviving the Ivy League’s biggest D

Be yourself

Seriously, it keeps our school genuine and you’ll find that the people you attract in your social circles will love you for you. If you’re  yourself when you meet them they’ll stick around if they like what they see and leave if they don’t. So WIN – WIN.


Make your own choices <3

Although a group of elite and extremely intelligent youngsters, Dartmouth students are still prone to group mentality. You think “if X amount of people are doing Y, then I should do Y as well!”

Everyone is different, and brings different skills, talents, perspectives and goals to Dartmouth. Not thinking for yourself denies you of your true desires and off-tracks where your potential could take you.

SOS often!

There were so many times when either myself or someone I knew were in dire strains and didn’t ask for help and so suffered unnecessarily.

I once had a friend take a final with a fever of 100 and something. Talk to your professors when you need a hand, they’re people too and know that life happens.

Take one term off where you give no faqs


Yes, this is taboo to Dartmouth culture and yes, I perhaps did this way too many times. But don’t be afraid to take care of yourself, if you feel you need a break, take one.

Your soul will thank you.



Not even if it’s the same day expiration.

Just do you and your shared bathroom a favor and fuck the fuck off.

Don’t compare yourself to everyone all the time

This is Dartmouth, we are all amazing, so please just do you and let others do them .

Get to know the Upper Valley

Yes, people who are not 18-25 year olds/professors/deans are strange animalia who should only be interacted with by the prodding of a stick. But there’s actually a lot of cool things to do in NH/VT besides Dartmouth. So get those sticks out!

Read at least the first week of assigned readings


Although there are more readings than I can count on two hands that I did not read, some of the ones I did have stuck with me and still inspire me regularly. Also, it will help you get a grasp of what the class is really about, before you start BS-ing

Try something new and don’t be afraid to be bad at it!

Don’t do everything just to be good at it. Sometimes the things you suck at are the most challenging and hence the most rewarding.

Pop the bubble and talk to people out of your social circle.

I promise, you won’t spontaneously combust.

Enjoy your time at Dartmouth, it’s a truly special place.