Dartmouth is the best school in New Hampshire, the US and probably the world

You can’t top our location, timeless traditions, or unmatched alumni network and academic programs

For everyone who has reached this point, because the title either intrigued you, angered you or if neither applies and you’re completely indifferent, I just want all of you to clear your mind of any opinions and continue reading about the positive points that make Dartmouth the greatest school ever.

Our location

In the small, but mighty town of Hanover, New Hampshire we have all we need just a short distance away from campus. CVS is the remedy to any lifestyle needs and the food spots are the cure for eating out with friends and for studying late into the night. There are not shopping stores galore but as a college student who likes to save money, but who also likes to shop, I have the ability to wave hello to J. Crew and continue to drive right past it to West Lebanon—a short trip from campus which has plenty of clothing stores and restaurants. It gives me a glimpse into the city life, but without having to fall victim to the temptation of regularly spending money.


Dartmouth Hall is beautiful

Freshman trips

Dartmouth’s sense of tradition starts for most students during their DOC trip—the largest and oldest pre-orientation program of its kind in the country. This is where you meet your first college friends, affectionately called your “trippees,” battle with the wilderness and begin to bond with your new home.


Freshman trips are a highlight of Dartmouth’s undergraduate experience


After starting school, every term has a huge event that rallies alumni, community members and students together. During the fall, there’s Homecoming with the signature bonfire and the circus of first years making their laps around it which brings joy to every upperclassman’s heart (even if they’re yelling at them to touch the fire. LOL it’s all in fun). The Homecoming game is another opportunity for both past and present Dartmouth students to cheer on the best football team in the world and the 2015 Ivy League Champions.


The Homecoming Bonfire- a timeless tradition

Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival is the second big festival of the year centering around daring students wanting to swim across freezing cold water, ice sculptures made and displayed on the Green and the 99 cent Ski Day. It is a chance to relish in Dartmouth’s beautiful campus, which is maintained through all four seasons, and have fun amongst the community while doing so.

Green Key

Ahh the spring term. One of my favorites, because Green Key is in one word “lit!” The past few years we have had performances by ASAP Rocky, Shaggy and RSNY in 2013, Lupe Fiasco in 2014 and T. Pain this past year. The vibes during this entire weekend are unlike any other despite what students might think they’re getting at other schools. Plenty of students from other New England colleges and even ones further than that come to Green Key, because if you’ve ever heard of it you know that it’s the place to be.

6. Sophomore Summer

Lastly Sophomore Summer is a term that first years look forward to even before they start school here. There’s so much to do. Riding to the Wilder Dam to see the Fourth of July fireworks, going on hikes and exploring caves and experiencing a summer with your college friends makes for a very memorable time.


Make sure to out by the river during your sophomore summer

Our strong alumni network

Some of our notable alums include Shonda Rhimes—the creator, head writer, executive producer and showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal. She is also the executive producer of “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Mindy Kaling is the creator, star, executive producer and writer for her sitcom “The Mindy Project.” She also acted on the “The Office” and served as an executive producer, writer and director for the show.

Business Insider wrote an article listing the “colleges with alumni who will jump-start your career” with Dartmouth being “numero uno.” Dartmouth’s curriculum gives us the knowledge to be excellent in our fields and the love that every alum has for the school allows opportunities to be had through our incredible network that continues to pay itself forward time and time again.

Top notch academics

I won’t dwell too much on academics because as an Ivy League institution we’re clearly winning, but one key thing to note is that Dartmouth truly stands out for its focus on undergraduate teaching. Professors go out of their way to help students in and outside of the classroom. Having trouble with a problem set? Confused about a lecture? Feeling nervous for your midterm? Never fear! Stop by office hours and your professor will have some useful answers. Dartmouth professors are usually willing to meet outside of times allocated for office hours. Moreover, Dartmouth pays for students to take their professors to lunch. Does your school do that?

Our Greek Life is the best

We were ranked as “the frattiest school in America.” Greek life dominates this campus. Well over 50 percent of students are affiliated, finding a home in their sororities and fraternities. It is a strong network of leaders who aim to strengthen the community through philanthropy and collaboration.


Dartmouth operates on a quarter system, so our grind never stops because we’re open from fall to summer. This means more opportunities for study abroad programs and internships and with the D-Plan we can choose exactly when we want them to happen.

Our winter break lasts six weeks and our terms away from school are for three months. Jealous yet? You definitely should be.