Dining at Dartmouth: Foco

A foco breakfast is a lot like McDonalds

Foco Breakfast is a lot like McDonalds breakfast: it tastes great, but for some reason I feel like if you ate there every day you might get radiation poisoning. Pretty delicious, but indiscreetly artificial. Foco is sporting such a diverse assortment of cereals it’ll make your hotels continental breakfast feel like a preschool brunch, and the eggs (which come from a milk carton) also make me generally uncomfortable.


Also what’s with them putting the ice cream away in the morning? Instead of just leaving it in the portable freezer students take from, they move the ice cream vats away so that they are not available in the morning. Seems like a lot of effort just to stop me from getting my morning cone.

Lunch: who goes to Foco for lunch?


The stir-fry grill, so alluring with the freedoms and options it provides. But with great power over the contents and preparation of your meal, comes great responsibility for its taste.

Long story short, the stir-fry line is where most people are confronted with how bad they are at cooking. Even with many hours of food Network Programs under their belts, most students find they are no Ina Garden. Users beware though, many have waited through the seemingly endless stir-fry line to make meals worthy of nothing greater than a trash can (tip: if you really want stir-fry but don’t know how to proportion/cook the ingredients, try to find someone ahead of you in line that seems like they know what they’re doing and just copy them).


The unsung MVPs of dinnertime Foco are definitely the kosher and vegan sections. The kosher section serves really great salmon, and a challah loaf so soft it’ll make you want to consider changing religions. The vegan section is more hit-or-miss (and I guess its hard not to exceed our expectations for this section in particular) but any variation of sweet potatoes they serve is usually a safe bet.