Some of the best layups for 16S

Green Key and warmer weather is upon us, so why not treat yourself

The time has come again for course registration, the process of selecting courses for the upcoming term which will be a breeze for some and a stressful one for others.

Some Dartmouth students find themselves in the middle, but during final exam period the entire campus is suffering from the same feeling: anxiety.


Working hard or hardly working?

Luckily for this course registration, and ones afterward, there is a handy online tool called “Layup List” created to provide a list of layups so that your course load can become just a little bit lighter. I perused through all of the 13 distributives and listed three courses for each. In my selections, I included the course with the highest “layup score,” or the next highest ranked one depending on if it had already been listed in another distributive, and two more that seemed interesting.


This is how the site is set up with a “layup score” listed to the left and the course with its respective distributive and time period to the right. Some courses have a score of zero, but I don’t believe that should be a deterring factor. It may not have received enough reviews yet or it could be a new course, so it can still be something worth looking into.

The details that I included in the parentheses beside each course is listed in the following order: DISTRIBUTIVE, TIME PERIOD, LAYUP SCORE


  1. RUSS013: Slavic Folklore: Vampires, Witches, Firebirds (LIT, W; 10; 32)
  2. GEOG002: Global Health & Society (INT, SOC; 2; 5)
  3. ANTH012.01: Ethnographic Film (INT, SOC, NW; 3A, 0)


  1. NAS008: Perspectives in Native American Studies (SOC, CI; 12; 22)
  2. AAAS025: Constructing Black Womanhood (SOC, CI; 2A; 0)
  3. HIST008: Body Parts, Body Wholes: An Introduction to the Comparative History of Medicine (INT, SOC, NW; 10; 0)


  1. MUS051: Oral Tradition Musicianship (ART, NW; 2A, 42)
  2. GEOG015: Food and Power (INT, SOC, NW; 2A; 1)
  3. COCO005.03: Slave Societies, Ancient and Modern Imperial Rome and Brazil (INT, LIT, NW; 12; 0)


  1. THEA030: Acting I (ART; 2A, 10; 20)
  2. LATS041: Representations of/from Latinos in the Media & the Arts (ART; 2; 4)
  3. ENGL053.04: Telling Stories for Social Change (ART, CI; 2A; 0)


  1. QSS015: Introduction to Data Analysis (QDS; 9L; 15)
  2. GOVT018: Introduction to Political Game Theory (QDS; 10; 1)
  3. EARS070: Glaciology (QDS; 2A; 1)


  1. EARS003: Elementary Oceanography (SCI; 11; 11)
  2. BIOL007.10: The Science of Sex (SCI; 2A; 0)
  3. ASTR015: Stars and the Milky Way (SCI; 10A; 1)


  1. ASTR001: Exploration of the Solar System (SLA; 11; 7)
  2. PHYS001: Understanding the Universe: From Atoms to the Big Bang, with Laboratory (SLA; 12; 0)
  3. GEOG003: The Natural Environment (SLA; 10A; 3)


  1. ENGS012: Design Thinking (TAS; 10A; 0)
  2. CLST011.05: Greek & Roman Engineering and Technology (TAS, W; 10; 0)
  3. ENGS005: Healthcare & Biotechnology in the 21st Century (TAS; 2A; 16)


  1. AMES012: Introduction to Chinese Culture (LIT, CI; 12; 9)
  2. CLST007.07: The Novel Before the Novel (INT, LIT, W; 10; 10)
  3. GRK010: Readings in Greek Prose & Poetry (LIT, W; 9; 0)


  1. SOCY001: Introductory Sociology (SOC, W; 10; 10)
  2. HIST009:03: The Global Thirties: Economics & Politics
  3. PBPL042: Ethics and Public Policy (TMV, W; 10A; 1)


  1. REL049.01: Apocalyptic Thought (NW, TMV; 2; 0)
  2. WGSS007: Gender and Urban Transform (TMV, CI; 2A; 0)
  3. AMES010: The Religions of China (TMV, NW; 10; 4)


  1. NAS008: Perspectives in Native American Studies (SOC, CI; 12; 22)
  2. ARTH076: Mexicanidad: Constructing and Dismantling Mexican National Identity (ART, CI; 11; 1)
  3. ENVS080.02: Writing Our Way Home: The Writing that Sustains Us (LIT, CI; 3A; 0)


  1. COSC022: 3D Digital Modeling (TLA; 2A; 2)
  2. COSCO001: Introduction to Programming and Computation (TLA; 2; 0)
  3. ENGS022: Systems (TLA; 9L; 1)

To view more, visit layuplist and create your free account. I hope that you’re able to get the classes that you want and a layup or two to make your spring term better.