The Foco Cookie, a campus celebrity

You know you love them…

There is nothing more iconic to Dartmouth College than the chocolate chip cookies from Foco.  That’s definitely not true, well maybe it is for DDS. But, the Foco Cookie is, in a certain sense, iconic.

Without a doubt, it is the signature item from the Foco “menu.”  When people think of Foco, do they think about the corn chowder? No, (although they should because it is very good). They think of the Foco Cookie.

I mean, I knew about it before I even applied to Dartmouth. For a cookie that is pretty impressive.

But why are they so good? The Tab has a few theories:



  • Chocolate chunks- makes a difference
  • Oh so soft
  • Warm
  • Very warm
  • Fits perfectly at the bottom of those too small Foco coffee cups
  • Easy to steal
  • Mass production
  • Makes anything and everything it is combined with exponentially better

The list goes on and on…

Every Foco Cookie lover has a unique way they dress up their cookie if the au natural is too dull.

There are the classics

  • with ice cream
  • with milk
  • with Nutella

Surprising combos

  • with coffee
  • with yogurt
  • with cereal

Reportedly, if you ask nicely, DDS workers might give you a cookie dough ball – but we failed in our attempt to get some ourselves.

Maybe there is some sort of secret code to get the cookie dough?  We wouldn’t blame them, if the dough recipe leaks the mystery behind their deliciousness will be revealed!

The Foco Cookie has a cult following.

Once, I heard a rumor that someone actually got banned from Foco for stealing too many cookies. That is equal parts mad hardcore and mad stupid.

Apparently they loved the cookie so much, they couldn’t wait from the end of the lunch swipe to the beginning of the dinner swipe (90 minutes, by the way) to eat another cookie.

That is insane – possibly addiction?


I wonder if, when I come back for my five-year alumni reunion, the Foco Cookie will continue to reign king.

Probably. Why change perfection?

Foco cookies might be the only thing DDS does right, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future they expand the cookie’s presence on campus.

Could this be the beginning of a cookie empire?