How much do you spend in a month going to school?


Over 50 arrested after CUNY protest

The CUNY professors union was prepared for this to happen

Students across the world are revolting over tuition and winning

How we’re linked to college protests worldwide

ArtCycled: Making B2 beautiful by reusing

‘Hunter goes green’

Did your parents pick your major?

‘I didn’t know what I wanted to be so I just listened to my parents’

What does your tattoo mean to you?

‘We did it on their dining room table. He did people’s tattoos secretly because it was illegal’

I went cold turkey during midterms

No coffee. No cigarettes. A vegan diet

Governor Cuomo signs Gender Equality Bill at the Roosevelt House

‘The first step of solving the problem is admitting the problem—we discriminate against women. This is what the Women’s Equality Act addresses’

Are Hunter dorms haunted?

In light of Halloween

Pharrell’s going to be NYU’s Artist-in-Residence: Does that matter?

Do celebrities add anything at all to students’ experiences?

Metrocard prices might be going down for commuter students

‘It’s important that people aren’t punished for putting off entering the workforce full-time in order to get an education’

Funky hair at Hunter

Colored hair is taking over CUNY Hunter

Is Hunter anti-social? I went to speak to strangers on the sky-bridge

An unscientific social experiment about not socializing

Adjuncts are screwed and soon we might be too

Here’s exactly why hundreds were protesting yesterday

What was your weirdest experience commuting?

‘A man sat down next to me and described his entire house to me in full detail’

There is a protest outside the Chancellor’s apartment building right now

Adjuncts are demanding a new contract with CUNY

The Tab launches at Hunter

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