UPDATED: Hunter’s newspaper hangs burnt flag on office door

The tattered flag was tacked to the door next to a door with an anti-Trump message

Refs have the final say in CUNY men’s soccer championship

Honestly, we’re still not sure what happened

Hunter thrashes Baruch for the third year in a row in women’s volleyball

Baruch cried about it

Yes, we do have sports at Hunter and they’re actually going to the finals

It’s almost like we go to a real school

SJP’s actions were protected by free speech, says lawyers

They were found to be offensive

Hunter ranked one of the lowest value colleges, says TIME

But at least we made the list, right?

Commuting by Uber in New York is now cheaper than using the subway

No more awkward eye contact with strangers

What happened at yesterday’s rally against budget cuts

Students held Israel and Palestine flags and chanted over each other

CUNY to receive full $1.6 billion from Governor Cuomo

As if we didn’t have enough problems

CUNY College Foundation leaders publish open letter to Governor Cuomo

It was published in today’s New York Times

6,000 people sign petition to reduce MetroCard prices for New York students

Even the Ivy League kids are complaining

New York City has the dirtiest subway system in America

No surprise there

MTA buses are getting WiFi


Hunter professor creates Trump mosaic from Mexican and Muslim faces

‘We cannot look at them as labels, but need to see them as humans who each have a story behind them’

You can now drink in public in Manhattan

Well, probably

A New York state senator has called for ‘an end to anti-Semitism on CUNY campuses’

He wants a state investigation

CUNY under investigation for anti-Semitic graffiti

It was in the men’s bathroom in the West building

Bernie Sanders wants to increase CUNY professors’ salaries

Gotta love Bernie