Hunter subway stop covered in positive notes post-election

New Yorkers created their own kind of wall

Last week’s election results left millions of American shocked, and Hunter College students were no exception.

But those left speechless were given an opportunity to voice their thoughts through Post-It notes. This weekend, colorful sticky notes decorated a wall at the 68th Street – Hunter College subway stop off the 6 train.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Martinez

Hunterites and New Yorkers alike became witnesses to the rapidly-growing wall of notes, a phenomena that originated at the 14th St. station by Matthew Chavez, a subway therapist.

“I thought the wall was a brilliant idea,” said Jonathan Martinez, a Hunter student. “Symbolic in the sense that Donald wants to build a wall that excites hate, but this wall was filled with love and positive notions.”

Martinez shared a photo of the wall on his Twitter. “If I were to add something, it would probably be, ‘As long as we’re together, we can overcome anything,’” he said.

Photo Credit: Kalia Negron

Kaila Negron, a sophomore majoring in Emerging Media Studies, also shared photos of the wall on social media. “The train station at Hunter College, I’m tearing up,” she wrote.

“This hit my heart and this representation of unity and kindness in spite of Trump’s victory gave me chills,” Negron told The Tab.

But it wasn’t only Hunterites that showed interest in the Post-It wall. Danielle Winston, a New York City writer and director, was moved by the subway scene.

“The morning I discovered the Post-its at Hunter College’s downtown 6 station, I was in a surreal haze after the election,” she said.

Photo Credit: Danielle Winston

“It was interesting to see the impromptu collections of emotions, neatly stacked in a row, as though emotions could ever be neat and orderly like that,” Winston said. “There was a sweetness in its simplicity. And equally interesting, was watching people read these notes.”

Although the Post-It notes were removed the next day, there was already an attempt being made to rebuild the collection.

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