We spoke to Hunter students who have to work second jobs

‘Is this sweat or am I crying from being tired?’

The cost of college is climbing, and in a desperate attempt to cover bills, textbooks, or even just a Chicken Chow-Mein addiction, students find themselves slaving away on a second job. While the added independence and income is welcome, the lack of sleep and free time seems to be, in politest terms, an inconvenience.

We got the details on balancing schoolwork and a job from the working student class – in short: some expletives from the exhausted and some tips from the motivated. Here’s what they told us when we asked “What’s it like to balance a job alongside your education?”

Elijah, 18

“It sucks. I’m always tired. Or busy.”

Brianna, 18

“I barely get any free time to myself because I’m always stressing so much. I remember last September I’d go to school at 8 and come back home at 10:30.”

Julianna, 18

“It’s difficult to balance between schoolwork and your job. But as the popular saying goes: “you got to do what you got to do.”

Skylar, 17

“For me it was all about time management and being able to prioritize certain things. Also knowing that it’s okay to say no to certain things.”

Val, 18

“Personally I liked it, it gave a sweet escape from school life and provided with much better life lessons than school could have ever given me.”

Caroline, 21

“Going to school and college simultaneously is a challenge but it’s rewarding to know you’re making money while pursuing a college degree. I learned that time management is everything and sleeping and eating healthy is crucial. When I get overwhelmed I remind myself why I started it all and that to be successful I have to stay focused on my goals.”

Sydney, 18

“It was very busy and hard to keep track of what was going on. But I liked it and its was always good to have coffee around.”

Sophie, 18

“The biggest thing is not to procrastinate. I left smaller things for when I was busier, which took away a ton of stress and still allowed me to get everything done.”

Jessica, 18

“Wow is this sweat or am I crying from being tired?”

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