Tips from a super junior

This is how to do it right

Have you ever wondered, How can I take advantage of my education and stay at Hunter College? Well let me tell you, you’re in luck, I have been at Hunter for three years, and I had come into Hunter asking these questions, and I was fortunate to find the answers, so I am going to share with you all the perks, secrets, and opportunities that you can use for FREE to further your college experience.

First you should join the “Hunter College Foodies” facebook page, where you can find/post all the FREE food events all over campus. You should always look for fliers for info session of various programs, degrees etc on campus where there is always FREE food. *Free Tea, Coffee, and Candy every day/all day at USG HN 121. Also refill your water bottles, at their PUR water station. Also free tampons,  traveler shampoo/ conditioner, and adhesive tape to hang your stuff at home. Whenever I have a nose bleed, I know there is a tampon available for me.


If you ever were looking for a place to study peacefully, here are some great spots. In the second floor in the library, there is a room on the left of the help desk that is painted in orange. It is an archive room, where no one goes in to usually study, there is a double glass door that blocks out the external sounds of the floor.  You can also ask the help desk on the 2nd floor to reserve a private room to study on the 2nd and 5th floors. With your CUNY ID you can access all the CUNY campuses and use their facilities.

15 minutes from Hunter is the CUNY Graduate Center on 36th street and 5th avenue, where they have an amazing library space to study in peace. I would also recommend hitting up the Zabar Art library on the 16th floor of the north building, where you can also rent out laptops. On the porches of the East and West 8th floors, there is a great space, especially in the summer to get some fresh air, peace and quiet and be able to study. Finally the Hindu Club in the Thomas Hunter building on the second floor, is a relaxing spot to do some of your work. If you are really sneaky, you can pretend to be a graduate student and use their lounge on the C level of the north building or the second floor of Thomas Hunter. Super quiet space, and all the daily newspapers and monthly entertainment magazines are there, plus FREE snacks and drinks.


If you don’t know already, the SRC room (TH 2nd floor) gives you access to a bunch of computers and 350 FREE pages evert semester. If you are a student with a diagnosed disabilitiy, you can use the Disabilitiy office on the same floor, to use their computer lab and print out UNLIMITED amount of FREE paper. If you need to fax/scan something you can use the USG office in HN 121. On the 6th floor of the main library there are two scanners that you can print unlimited amount of pages without paying.

I recommend all students to connect your bank account to your CUNYFirst account to get a direct deposit for all the tuition back money. I have saved a ton, while at Hunter, a few thousand dollars in savings. Looking to work while at Hunter? Look into the Continuing Ed department, SRC, Welcome Center, USG, AV room, or even the library. Look out for the Hunter Helpers club which posts gigs and part time Jobs around the city.

In every class, speak up, befriend your professor, do well, and then two weeks before finals ask for a letter of recommendation. It works like a charm every semester. Many students end up waiting a while at the Writing Center to see a tutor, if you don’t know there is a writing tutor at the reference desk in the library, that hardly have students come their way. If you are a student with a disability you can get a private tutor for FREE on a weekly basis to help with both reading, writing and researching for your papers.


With the combination of an IDNYC card and your student ID you can gain access to most major cultural institutions and attractions in NYC for FREE, and get year long memberships at most art museums in the city. As much as Hunter is not the best when it comes to Transgender sensitivity, Hunter does have a few gender neutral bathrooms on the 8th floor in the West Building, and also on the third floor in Thomas Hunter building. If you’re an Art student ask around which professors have their own studios so you can apply for an internship. Also all students can use the studios to work on their projects.

Need help with a paper? Make an appointment with a research librarian to narrow down your sources. If you are a freshman you should take a few courses in the core requirements and a few electives during the same semester, that way you move forward in your college degree and explore your career options before choosing a major. Need a microwave? Hostos Club, Intervarsity, SJP, and Medical Society on the first floor of Thomas Hunter. SRC and The Olive Tree Review second floor TH. Basically every other club in Thomas Hunter Building. Need a locker for free?  Find one in the Swimming pool area (no one uses them) keep your stuff there with a lock, and people will never know. If you are a senior citizen or a student with disabilities you can request from The Office of Accessability for a Free locker.

I also just learned that Media/Film students are considered part of STEM majors because we study programming that is considered Computer Science. We can now apply to all the big internal STEM scholarships at Hunter. Just one of the opportunities through STEM program at Hunter is the research summer fellowship, where you can get paid a good amount of money and work with a professor in the department of your choice to help them with your research. I was in the Psychology department studying goldfish and their psyche. Weird right, what’s there to know about goldfish?

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