Astoria is without a doubt the best place to live in NYC

Who needs to live in Manhattan when there’s Astoria?

Astoria has been my home for over a decade. I have had debates with other people about Astoria’s greatness and I haven’t found another place that can even compare to it. Although I initially rejected it, it has become a part of me. I have comfort and fond memories in a neighborhood I cherish.

Its home to 154 thousand New Yorkers who are only fifteen minutes away from the Big Apple. Astoria is the best place to live, not only because of its location, but it has amazing food, entertainment, views and shops.

The movie trio

Kaufman Astoria Studios is known throughout Astoria as a filming paradise. There have been countless shows and movies recorded at Kaufman such  as Shades of Blue, Sesame Street, SNL Live, Nurse Jackie, The Smurfs, Eat Pray Love, and The Wiz. In 2013  it decided to expand and became home to the only backlot in New York City.

The Astoria community has become accustomed to spotting movie trailers around the neighborhood. Days before the movie trailers take over the Astoria streets, drivers are warned about parking dates and times. In the morning white big trailers are parked on streets with cast names and stairs.

Crew members are the only people usually seen. The popular Netflix show “Orange Is the New Black” was filmed a block away from Kaufman Studios this past fall. When I found out, I walked through that area every day in hopes of catching glimpses of my favorite actresses. Those hopes were unfulfilled.

Not only that, but Astoria also hosts The Museum of the Moving Image, the home of the history of film, television and special effects. Although it may look small from the outside, it’s vast inside with movie props and costumes, an indoor theatre and a large collection showing technological advances through the years. They even show you how sound effects were made for Titanic.

The UA Astoria Kaufman Cinemas is a hub of activity for family, friends and dates – and you can even host private events there.

Steinway and Broadway streets

Steinway Street is a major commercial district which stretches nearly two and half miles long. It pretty much sells every kind of food you can think of, and as a teenager it was the one place to hangout after school.

Families take walks when on beautiful days to shop for clothes, shows, accessories, gifts and everything else in between. And at night it’s just as banging, we’ve even got hookah and clubs.

Astoria Park

The Triborough Bridge runs above Astoria Park which is the largest park in Astoria with the largest N.Y.C. public pool. You can walk/run the bridge to get to straight Randall’s Island. There’s also the Hell Gate Bridge with its grand red arch. There’s also beautiful Astoria Park runs alongside the East River.

Astoria Park has a large grassy area where people come in the summer to tan and read. Families barbecue while the kids eat ice cream in the playground.

The New York Road Runners recently launched an open run program at Astoria Park where anyone can meet up on Saturdays for a 3 mile morning walk/run. It brings the Astoria running community together to enjoy the great park.

The convenience

I love Astoria for its convenience. Everything is within feet. There are Brazilian buffets with frozen yogurt, Greek and Thai restaurants, and delis with cats, laundry mats, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, grocery stores, vets and doctors, bakeries, pool places, gyms. The list goes on.

The diversity of people itself is amazing. There are people from all over the world living in the next apartment, house or building. Everyone has their different stories, backgrounds so you’re always learning something new.

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