What you missed last week

Because you need it. You really do

We are back with another weekly recap with what has been happening in the Hunter and New York City bubble. Mainly the past seven days have almost exclusively been all about turkeys, Black Friday, Bill Cosby and registration.

So I guess this was a pretty Hunter week as well.

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Bill Cosby’s honorary degree from Jon Jay has been revoked

It seems like every week I find out Bill Cosby has an honorary degree from some university. His wall was probably filled with degrees from institutions he just simply never attended. I tried not going to class and still getting a degree but I just ended up getting a bunch of WUs instead.

Since recent allegations have been made regarding Bill Cosby’s disgusting behavior, all these colleges have been revoking the Cosby’s fake degrees. We sent a reporter to cover a recent  CUNY Board of Trustees meeting and while we did see a semi-systematic protest occur during the meetings, we were thrown away a bit when all of a sudden we heard Bill Cosby’s name. In a flash his degree was revoked and the protesters were thrown out.



We covered stories ranging from Black Friday experiences to a nice little rant about the terrible realities of parades. Just stay home and watch the parade from your TV when the game isn’t on.


We asked about the best neighborhoods in the city

Answers ranged from Williamsburg to Times Square. We get it. Wiliamsburg is hip and Times Square is ironic. But honestly, Williamsburg is just one big pile of white people who don’t know the first thing  about New York, and Times Square is the same thing except all the tourists wear New Balance sneakers and hold up tons of street traffic by taking photos.

That being said. If you truly want to see Times Square at its best, walk around the neighborhood at three in the morning. No one will be outside and all the lights are still on. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the occasional late night saxophone player. You can really feel that old school NYC spirit at that time.


We discussed registration.

Really I just feel bad for all the freshman trying to get into their big psych or bio lecture classes and all the seats are filled up. Good luck filling out over-tally forms that will most likely not get passed. Just switch to a major that nobody takes like anthropology of sociology. You’ll find tons of seats for classes then, and if you’re worried about unemployment it’s OK. You’re not going to get hired with a good degree anyway so what’s the difference?

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Congrats and good luck with registration as a Freshman kid in the middle

Congrats and good luck with registration as a Freshman, kid in the middle

We matched your expectations of your future salary to the realization.

Honestly, most students weren’t that far off from the reality. Expectations were a little high, but it made sense since people are pursuing some pretty serious degrees. It’s rare to find something just so regular and good at Hunter.


Well there you have it. We’ll follow up with another recap next week. Stay tuned!

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Good luck to you too, vonantonio


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