Thanksgiving: Are you ready for your family interrogation this year?


Ah, Thanksgiving.

That first holiday before the holidays when fountains of gravy drench mountains of mashed potatoes, and a turkey-based genocidal rage takes over the collective American psyche.

A time to be “thankful” for those lovely relatives that make you want to rip your hair out.

I asked Hunter students if their Thanksgivings would be anything besides getting interrogated about their career and life choices.

Jillian Rodesk, Junior, Public Health


Daniel, Junior, Biologyunnamed-5

Probably drink as much of the wine and cider as I can, and then interrogate them on their life choices — “You really think Trump is going to make America great again and Bernie is a dirty commie? Like really? It’s 2015.”

Christina, Senior, Primary Education

unnamed-1I actually really dread going to Thanksgiving every year because I have to see my terrible uncle. Always an interrogation. Every time I walk in he immediately goes, “What have you done this year?”

Philip, Junior, Chemistry


It’s funny because I’m getting double that because I’m seeing my family twice in one day — my mom’s side then my dad’s side. That’s a hard question because that’s what Thanksgiving is: interrogations.

Carla, Junior, Sociology


I’ll be splitting my time between that and judging all my cousins’ significant others.

Tom, Junior, Political Science and Environmental Science


I don’t really get interrogated because my family just thinks, “Holy shit someone from our family is gonna be a lawyer? That’s awesome.”

Matt, Junior, Political Science and Economics


I want to give you an accurate description of my family, but I don’t want to be quoted.

Veronica, Senior, Political Science and Media


Actually I love Thanksgiving, we play games.

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