Are you going to shop on Black Friday?

‘Hell no’

Thanksgiving is this week, but the holiday most people are thinking about is Black Friday.

Yes, that magical holiday which commemorates all that is truly American about the fall: a mad desire to block another person’sĀ attempt at purchasing the thing you want.

Some view Black Friday as a great opportunity to get good deals while others view it as a mad house.

We talked to some Hunter students about whether or not they will be participating in the festivities.

Munirul Islam, 19, Biochemistry

WP_20151124_12_31_26_ProHell no.

Scarpulla, 18, Media studies

WP_20151124_12_31_48_ProNo, I just hang out with my family. The sales aren’t even that great. People are just brainwashed.

Miharu Arakawa, 31, English and Theatre


No there are too many people.

Christina, Chemistry


No. It’s too crowded.

Imran Khan, 21, Biochemestry


I mean the deals aren’t worth it.

Jessica Ng, 19, Computer Science


I usually just don’t have the patience.

Dipa, 21, Biochemistry


“Don’t think so. I’m not gonna be in town.”

John Wetmore, Psychology and Classical Studies


Yes, but I do all of my Black Friday shopping online! The deals are just too good to pass up. However, after eating so much food the day before, I don’t have the energy to get out of bed and bear the cold to actually shop at the stores.

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